Food delivery

We have a great news for ones who live in Riga.

Now you can order a tasty meal to your home or work from  “Ezītis miglā” on Aldaru street by using:

a) Wolt mobile app (new users can get free 6 EUR using Promo Code – EZITISMIGLA)

  • from Aldaru Ezītis
  • from Āgenskalna Ezītis (Pārdaugava)
  • from Laboratorijas ielas Ezītis (Grīziņkalns)
  • from Teikas Ezītis; promo kods
  • from Avotu Ezītis
  • from Palasta Ezītis
  • from Tallina’s quarter Ezitis

b) for big orders you can make preorder (at least 3 days in advance). Write us about details.