Bar/cafe “Hedgehog in the fog” or “Ezītis miglā” now is in 9 places.

1) Old hedgehog or “Ezītis miglā” at Palasta street, since year 2010 still is located at Palasta street 9 (with entrance from Jauniela street).

2) Aldaru “Hedgehog in the fog” is located on Old Riga, Aldaru street 12/14next to “Swedish Gates” and “Jacob’s Barracks”.

3) Ogres “Hedgehog in the fog” is located on Brīvības Street 19, in old rooms of Ogres cinema.

4) Laboratory’s Hedgehog – this one is located at Grīziņkalns, at  Laboratorijas street 11.

5) Sinner Hedgehog – Grēcinieku street 11a, near Riga St. Peter’s Church, is waiting for you every day from 12 o’clock.

6) Daugavpils “Hedgehog in the fog” – Rīgas street 30, Daugavpils. Open daily from 12:00

7) Āgenskalna Hedgehog – Mārupes street 2, Rīga. Opening hours from no 11:00

8) Teikas “Hedgehog in the fog” – Brīvības avenue 350a, Teika. Welcomes you daily from 11.00

9) Avotu “Hedgehog in the fog” – Avotu street 32a. Open from 11.00


Look for opening hours at each Hedgehogs home page. 


Map of Riga Hedgehogs: