Bar/cafe “Hedgehog in the fog” or “Ezītis miglā” now is in 11 places.

1) Old hedgehog or “Ezītis miglā” at Palasta street, since year 2010 still is located at Palasta street 9 (with entrance from Jauniela street).

2) Aldaru “Hedgehog in the fog” is located on Old Riga, Aldaru street 12/14next to “Swedish Gates” and “Jacob’s Barracks”.

3) Ogres “Hedgehog in the fog” is located on Brīvības Street 19, in old rooms of Ogres cinema.

4) Laboratory’s Hedgehog – this one is located at Grīziņkalns, at  Laboratorijas street 11.

5) Sinner Hedgehog – Grēcinieku street 11a, near Riga St. Peter’s Church, is waiting for you every day from 12 o’clock.

6) Daugavpils “Hedgehog in the fog” – Rīgas street 30, Daugavpils. Open daily from 12:00

7) Āgenskalna Hedgehog – Mārupes street 2, Rīga. Opening hours from no 11:00

8) Teikas “Hedgehog in the fog” – Brīvības avenue 350a, Teika. Welcomes you daily from 11.00

9) Avotu “Hedgehog in the fog” – Avotu street 32a. Open from 11.00

10) Tallinas kvartāla ezītis – Tallinas iela 10. Open from 11.00

11) Kalnciema ezītis miglā – Slokas iela 17. Open from 10.00

12) Maskačkas Ezītis miglā – Ludzas iela 69. Open from 12.00


Look for opening hours at each Hedgehogs home page. 


Map of Riga Hedgehogs: