Sinner Hedgehog

One of the smallest “Hedgehog in the fog” has found his home near Riga St. Peter’s Church. Grēcinieku (‘sinner’ in English) Ezītis is urban and artistic place, full of interesting events and cool people. This “Hedgehog” is special in a way that it shares the same room with the very popular and well known “Subway”. This is a unique case, when fast growing Latvian brand cooperates with international company. All this means, you can enjoy wide choice of tasty cocktails, coffee and other drinks, as well as “Subway” salads and sandwiches at one place. Like in our other bars, here will be a terrace in summer.

It is possible to rent our premises for celebrations and other events, where you can be separated from other bar visitors. Also, you can get 10% discount, if you want to orde meals and drinks for your night. :)

Opening hours: Every day from 12PM till the last customer.

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Reservations, lost items and other info: call +371 20175454 or write to (on weekends we accept reservations till 9PM)

Sinner Hedgehogs menu: